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Green Country insists on offering custom-made service for our clients. We are very flexible with a number of full-time in-house staff that can quickly meet the timing and amount of different projects. We also take a great concern on the technology and materials to match the project specification. For bulk order production and installation, our comprehensive Quality Control program is applied for a consistent outcome.


Green Country uses state of the art software to create drawings and design, clearly illustrate the client’s requirements. AutoCAD 2D and 3D renderings, Sketch up, Rhino and JD Painter are used to document and control final production intent. Our design/art drawings in combination with painting skills and hand sketch ups convey clear design intention. These efforts facilitate easy modification for any revision required for improving enrichments and/or details.

At different stages of the project, we prepare Construction and Production Shop Drawing as a matter of routine, as well as hand sketching, 3D modelling and rendering per client’s special request. It is also the case that the calculations of our consultant engineers are incorporated into our designs and drawings to assure the feasibility of construction.





The majority of craftsmen in Green Country have over 20-year sculptural experience as master Carvers in the European styles . Our craftsmen use many materials as a medium to express our artistic craft . Clay , foam ( poly and urethane ) are often materials of choice for the sculptures . Life figures , biological elements , coral , architectural and deco are the main subjects for our works . Wood finishes , rockwork , stone mason works are taken from real life models and appear as realistic representations of the true materials . The advantage of this method is that any configuration can be produced .





Green Country can provide a variety of finishes based on the client’s requirements . These finishes are nearly unlimited in variety and complexity . Metal finishes including aging and patina range from aged gold to ultra – gloss sheen . Cartoon high gloss automotive finishes , wood grain , rattan , sand , Mural , and faux finishes to match any requirement are all possible .


Green Country accurately follows the drawings that are based on site condition to optimize the efficiency and performance of the installation crews. Scheduling programs are met because most every site variance is addressed in advance . Advance allowances minimize the need for site cutting and greatly enhance the overall quality of the installation. GRG / GRP / GRC and PU are pre – cast in the factory and installed easily on site . This production way tends to minimize the time required at site since everything is pre – manufactured .

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